Monday, May 14, 2012

The trip that the D800E took ...

I made it back from my holidays... Yes, I was on a holiday in Spain. In Galicia to be precise, the northwestern tip of the Iberian peninsula. I just had to go. My little brother was getting married (to a gorgeous Argentinian girl), so it was rather imperative that I made it over there.

I took my D800E on holidays with me and we were accompanied by most of my photographic entourage, from tripod to lenses. 
My dear (beautiful and patient) girlfriend made it too!

I was asked to take a few pictures at the wedding, and I obliged, mostly because it was my brother that asked me to. Otherwise ...

I always had great respect for wedding photographers, after all it is not an easy thing to do ...but after "trying" my hand at it, my respect has grown enormously. It is just so difficult. And tiring too! They all deserve every cent they get and more!

I hope I managed a couple of decent shots at the wedding. After all, we had great weather for it, much the surprise of everyone involved!

But the wedding was only a day (just like most weddings I know).

The rest of the week I spent some quality time with my girlfriend and friends, and with my camera.

I chose two main bases for the week. CamariƱas and Santiago de Compostela. We had all weathers, from incessant rain in CamariƱas to stone splitting heat in Santiago.

Somehow I managed to take a few pictures, and I will be uploading some soon to my website.