Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stolen Nikon Gear

Last Saturday (11th Feb 12) I was at the Nikon NPS roadshow in Dublin. I got the invitation when buying the new Nikon D800E at Berminghams (thank you!).

At the show Nikon had in loads of lenses big and small, a few coolpix cameras and a few DSLR cameras, including one (or maybe two) new D4 and one D800.
I was lucky enough to be able to handle the D800 for a couple of minutes and really liked the feel of it on my hands. Can't wait to get mine in March/April. :)

Anyway, as you many know by now, the shocking news is that pretty much all the gear that Nikon had on show was stolen from a van that same evening!

I read it first on and they quoted as their source the website.

So beware of cheap Nikon stock over the next while... all the serial numbers are available here.